Members of NWCFR are still responding during these difficult times to assist West Midlands Ambulance Service. Do not be alarmed if we or the ambulance arrive and don PPE such as mask, apron and safety glasses, this is to protect you and well as us.

The biggest way you can help at the moment is to remain inside and that includes the children who I expect are getting really bored. We all need to protect ourselves from this virus and the only way we can do this is by self distancing so remember the 2 meter rule.

People still think that by calling an ambulance they will be able to tell if you have the virus, they can’t, they can ask you if you have had a persistent cough and they can take your temperature, which you can do at home and answer those questions yourself or dial 111.

You will have a wait on 111 if you call, as you can imagine they are really busy but bear with them please they will get to you as soon as possible. Only call 999 if you have an emergency.

Please take care everyone and remember