New Defibrillator at the Blue Boar, Mancetter


Bob Powell & Patrica Harris Powell were regular diners at the Blue Boar several times a week.  It was a place they both enjoyed going as the staff knew them both very well and they felt it was a second home. 

Late 2018 Bob and Patrica had visited the blue boar had their food and as was the norm Bob had gone to the toilet whilst Patrica had gone to pay the bill, unfortunately Bob never came back out the toilet as he suffered a cardiac arrest. 

Staff called for an ambulance and carrying out CPR, despite the best efforts of the staff and the ambulance crews Bob passed away. 

Janine and Donna who are staff at the pub felt that the best way to remember Bob was to do something positive.  The embarked on a journey to get a Defibrillator installed on the outside of the pub for the community .  They felt this would be a a fitting tribute to a valued and well loved customer to ensure that this vital piece of equipment could be installed and possible save a life.  

Fund raising was started and North Warwickshire First Responders were contacted for advice on what was best to purchase.  On hearing the story the team were more than happy to help and spread the word.  

A few weeks after funding had started Councillor Mejar Singh Gill contact North Warwickshire First Responders to offer a donation towards the project from the Athelstan Lodge 1333 which was greatly received. A few days later Mejar contact the team again to offer a full funded Defibrillator from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire. 

With the money already donated and the defibrillator funded all that was left was to cover the short fall for the cabinet to house the defibrillator which the North Warwickshire First Responders were happy to do.  Bob and Patrica had been together for over 40 years, he was a loving husband, father and grandfather and is greatly missed by everyone.  Patrica has said how wonderful all staff have been since Bob passed away and she is forever grateful for all their support, 

On 28th March 2018 the following people attended an unveiling of the new cabinet and defibrillator at the blue boar, in loving memory of Bob Powell & Craig Sperrin who was the owner of the Blue Boar who sadly passed away in 2016 from a heart condition. 

Patricia Harris Powell 

Janine Cassidy – Staff & driving force behind the project at the blue boar 

Donna Davis – Staff & driving force behind the project at the Blue  Boar 

Samantha Hall – Coordinator North Warwickshire First Responders

Eddie Stephenson – North Warwickshire Community Responder Based in Atherstone

Bobby Qayum – Community Response Manager West Midlands Ambulance Service   

Councillor Mejar Singh Gill 

Brain Whitmore Secertery to Athelstan Lodge 1333 Past Provincial Officer 

Peter Weightman Past Master Athelstan Lodge 1333

Tony Pritchard Master Athelstan Lodge 1333