Restart a Heart day


Today is restart a heart day. Usually our volunteers would be out in the community today teaching a variety of people from school children to adults on how to perform … Read More

NWCFR awarded £2000


We have today received some good news we have been awarded £2000 from 4 councillors from North Warwickshire Borough Council to support our ongoing work with North Warwickshire. Massive thank … Read More



Members of NWCFR are still responding during these difficult times to assist West Midlands Ambulance Service. Do not be alarmed if we or the ambulance arrive and don PPE such … Read More

Making the right decision


Please please make the right decision before calling for an ambulance. There are now numerous pathways that you can take if you need advice. Ambulances should be called where there is … Read More

Busy Weekend


Last weekend was a busy one for some of our volunteers at Community Events in North Warwickshire. Saturday, Sam and Lee attended the Nuneaton Fire Station open day where they … Read More

New System


It is important that each ambulance are able to respond to an incident quickly so to enhance our communications in our vehicles we are updating our on board computer. Our … Read More

National Defibrillator Network


New ground breaking national initiative where West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust (WMAS) have been working with the British Heart Foundation to develop The Circuit – the National … Read More

WPH donate £4000


What a surprise to wake up to on Saturday, having a cheque for £4000.00 posted through the letter box from the WPH Healthcare Charity. This will help fund the most … Read More