Registered Defibrillators


Have you seen a box similar to the picture on a wall at the side of a building in North Warwickshire? These are life saving defibrillators for use when a member of the public is in cardiac arrest and forms part of the “Chain of Survival”.

All of the defibrillators that we are aware in North Warwickshire are registered with West Midlands Ambulance. On the box is a unique number, which when passed to the 999 call handler, the code is given to access the cabinet. Whilst some Ambulance Trusts have links to phone apps such as GoodSam, WMAS do not at this moment in time but this may change in the future as technology advances.

If you have a defibrillator which the public have access to and we don’t know about please contact us so we can get it registered, it might be used to save a life.